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Why are they called slipper orchids?
Where do slippers come from?
Are they hard to grow?
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are slipper orchids hard to grow?

Not really... Don't let their exotic looks fool you.  Most of them are actually quite easy to grow. If you can give them proper conditions, and keep from overwatering them, you should do just fine.


Where do slipper orchids come from?

Paphiopedilums come from all over southeast Asia and islands in the Pacific. Phragmipediums come from Central and South America. Cypripediums can be found in North America and Europe.


What is orchid breeding?

Breeders create new hybrid varieties by crossing species (or other hybrids) together. Orchid breeders continually create new types, selecting for interesting form, color, and vigor. Breeding has been going on since the first two Paphiopedilum species were discovered in the 1800s, and has produced thousands of new varieties ranging from incredibly desirable to the novel to the repulsive.


What is orchid judging?

Various societies around the world judge the quality of orchid flowers, giving awards to those they deem worthy. The highest award in the American Orchid Society is a First Class Certificate, followed by the Award of Merit, followed by the Highly Commended Certificate. Some societies use Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals as equivalents.




Why do they cost so much more than other flowers?

Unlike many other kinds of orchids, slipper orchids cannot (yet) be cloned and mass produced. Some species (and man-made hybrids) are very rare, and also very desirable, creating a competitive market for some of the best varieties.


Many slipper orchids have flowers that can last months, as compared to some flowers that might only last a few days. So you might actually be getting more bloom for your buck with a slipper orchid!


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