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Why are they called slipper orchids?
Where do slippers come from?
Are they hard to grow?
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Are they hard to grow?

Despite their exotic, delicate appearances, slipper orchids make great plants for the home.  They are, in fact, one of the most popular types of orchids among orchid enthusiasts.  Most hybrids and many natural species will do fine indoors as long as you give them good quality water (i.e., not too many dissolved minerals), keep them out of direct sunlight, and avoid overwatering.  They also have very light fertilization needs, making their care that much easier.


As always, there are exceptions.  Some individuals will always give you trouble even if they’re supposed to be “easy”.  Certain species are quite difficult to grow, and best left to slipper nuts and the obsessed.


But in general, slipper orchids are easy to care for and make excellent houseplants as long as conditions are not too extreme. 

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