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P. armeniacum created a huge sensation when it was first discovered, resulting in a number of First Class Certificate awards by both the AOS and RHS. The rich yellow color of the flower, along with its large pouch, make it no surprise that this sp  more...

armeniacum album  

P. armeniacum created a huge sensation when it was first discovered, resulting in a number of First Class Certificate awards by both the AOS and RHS. We were recently able to obtain seedlings of this rare album form of armeniacum, and they  more...


A dimunitive and desirable species, P. barbigerum makes an fine windowsill grower. A species originating from China and Vietnam, it is related to P. insigne, and can be found growing among P. esquiroleimore...


P. bellatulum is definitely a favorite in the slipper world. Its round flower form, reddish spots, and small size make it popular with collectors and hybridizers, who have put its genes into all manner of Paph hybrids.  more...


The wide red dorsal on this cute species from Burma always turns eyes. P. charlesworthii has been used extensively in historic breeding to confer its dorsal size and color to its progeny. The species plant itself is very attractive, and very easy  more...


P. concolor is one of only three Paph species which produce yellow flowers (the others are P. armeniacum and P. druryi). It is a small, easy to grow plant, perfect for the windowsill.  more...

curtisii 4N  

P. curtisii is not often seen Paph species. Its pouch is dark maroon, and its petals are spotted with small maroon warts. The foliage on these plants is also quite attractive, light green leaves with darker tesselations.  more...


A lovely, cute species from Vietnam, P. delenatii produces a white flower with a purplish pink pouch. Its ease of growth and cute flower make it a favorite amongst collectors.  more...

delenatii album  

A lovely, cute species from Vietnam, this rare album form of P. delenatii produces a completely white flower. These seedlings are growing vigorously and are practically blooming size.  more...


P. dianthum is a lovely green multifloral species, related to P. parishii. The flower has a beautiful white dorsal with twisted green petals. It is found in southwest China, where it can be found on limestone cliffs.  more...

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