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Paphiopedilum rothschildianum arrow rothschildianum 'New Bear' SM/TPS x 'ro-6'

rothschildianum 'New Bear' SM/TPS x 'ro-6'


Price: $55.00

P. rothschildianum is called the King of Orchids for good reason. Few, if any, other orchid flowers match its striking form and beauty, so it is no surprise that this species has received more FCC awards than any other species.


'New Bear' SM/TPS is a very nice rothschildianum in Taiwan. It has a dark red pouch, and graceful downswept petals. 'ro-6' is a plant that is thought to have originated from the wild. The combination of these two parents shows good 'hybrid' vigor, and hopefully will show the best features of both parents.


Even within crosses done within a species, 'hybrid' vigor can result. This certainly appears to be the case here, as these seedlings have grown quite quickly. We have grown some of these from flask as well, and the seedlings are remarkably strong. These NBS plants will likely reach blooming size in 18 months given appropriate growth conditions.

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